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I have a new Akai MPK61 midi controller. Is there any reason why the modulation/pitch wheel should not work in Mainstage? All the keys, knobs, sliders work properly. In fact, they work fine in Ableton Live and the native software program. Akai tech support says this is a mainstage issue since it works in Ableton.


Any help much appreciated!

1.33 ibook G4, Mac OS X (10.3.7)
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    Do you have the wheel set up in MainStage?


    Sometimes, a controller will have certain knobs and stuff work automatically, but it's safer to set them up seperately.


    Go to: Layout - Screen Controls Palette - Shelf Controls, then drag the Mod/Pitch Wheel over. Then click "assign", move the real wheel back and forth, click "assign" again and you should be done.