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I've tried updating about six or seven times. Done dns server flushes, switched off my firewall and all the rest but everytime I it downloads to between 70mb and 190mb and then just quits! I've tried using my modem instead of the wifi router just incase the other ppl connected on the router are influencing it in some way. It's really wasting my time and data bundles right now. I think it would eventually save me more time and money if I just buy the iPhone 5 and put my 4s away in the closet with its outdated iOS. Please just give me some advice if you can, I really want to do this update! Also my iTunes is the latest version and the version currently on my 4s is 5.1.1. thank you! and obviously my phone is also not restoring because it wants to update first. :/ it also says network connection reset.

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1