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Totally new to apple and aperture so I apologise if this seems like a somewhat noob question but how do I remove images from aperture (using the latest version, 3.4.1)? Coming from a PC and using lightroom I'm used to being able to remove images in two ways:

- removing the image from the "library", so that it no longer shows up in the program at all but is still on your hard drive (when I say removing it from the program entirely, I mean entirely, i.e. not sitting in a trash can or some other place where it's still taking up memory)

- deleting the original image off the hard drive


Is it possible to do either of these things in aperture, on both just a single image or a selection of multiple images, and if so how? I've tried googling this already and am getting a bunch of mixed solutions, none of which have really worked so far, so any answers would be appreciated. Thanks!

Aperture 3, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    The answer partially depends on whether you have a managed or referenced library. Since you're totally new to Aperture, I'm assuming you have a managed library since that's the default.


    FYI: Managed means Aperture handles image files and places them inside the library file. Referenced means you manage the image files and Aperture only points to (references) them.


    For a managed library, select an image you want to delete. Type command-delete. (That's the reverse delete key next to the "=" key). (You can also right-click an image and choose Delete Version) That will remove the images from their Project and place in the Aperture Trash. They're still taking up space in the Trash. If you really want them gone for good, right-click the Trash in the library pane and select Empty Trash. Poof.


    For a reference library, I forgot the exact details since I don't use this type of library, but you'll be asked (or can check a box) to delete the original file from the disk.

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    You might also want to take a look at this user tip Deleting version also deleted the master.


    As Thomas wrote for referenced originals you will be given the choice to delete the originals from your disk when you empty the Aperture trash.


    And in all cases to finally remove the files from your disk you must empty the system trash as well. The deleted are placed in the system trash after you empty Aperture's trash.