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Greetings all,


Have just run into a puzzling glitch when trying to export a movie direct from Motion.


When I click the Options button in the Export dialogue box, the  compressor that is set in the Compressor dropdown of the Video section (under the Video/Audio tab) does not match the preset I selected in the Export box.


If I select the correct compressor in the dropdown, then click OK, the Export dialogue box now tells me I'm using a different compressor. If I then click Options again, the correct compressor is shown in the dropdown, but if I click Advanced, The compression type is now wrong! If I set the correct compression type in the Advanced (compression settings) box, then click OK, the Compressor reverts to the incorrect one again!


I appreciate this might sound very confusing, so I'll spell out some specific examples:


Compressor selected in the Compressor dropdown of the Video section under the Video/Audio tab: Video

Compression Type being used under Advanced (compression settings): Apple ProRes 4444


Compressor selected: Apple ProRes 4444

Compression Type used: Apple ProRes 422 (HQ)


Compressor selected: Sorenson Video

Compression Type used: H.264


Compressor selected: H.264

Compression Type used: DVCPro HD 720p50


You get the picture. So, the Export Preset always matches the Compression Type used under Advanced but not the Compressor selected in Options.


This glitch has only just appeared in my setup, and I can't think of any obvious cause. I've tried trashing Prefs but no joy.


Any ideas? Many thanks!

iMac (27-inch Mid 2011), Mac OS X (10.7.5)