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I've got an iPhone 4 on my companies' plan. 200 MB of data. I've never gone over in 7 months of having 200 MB because when I am using my phone for internet/calendar/maps, I'm usually on wifi either at the office or at home.


Since I downloaded iOS6, I've been somehow using obscene amounts of data. Halfway through the month I used the 200 MB and then a day later I had somehow used 115 MB of overage. Then today, two days later, I have somehow used that entire additional overage package of 200 MB and am 159 MB into a THIRD 200 MB package (my seond 200 MB overage).


I checked out my usage on our AT&T account. First off, all of these huge data usages are either when I'm sleeping or at the office. Both places I'm connected to wifi. Second, my usage habits of my phone have NOT changed since getting iOS6 so I am NOT using it any more than I was previously.


I've checked all my settings to make sure fetching data is off for apps until I manually ask it to update, etc. I've even gone to the point of closing out all the icons that show up when I double tap my home button just to make sure nothing is running in the background.



Why/How is all this data magically being used? I'm on a company plan and I've already hit $30 of extra charges this month, which I have NEVER done before. I'm going to have to get this under wraps or I'll have to get rid of the iPhone all together.



(Last night before I went to bed I checked and was at 153 MB overage. This morning when I woke up I checked and am at 249 MB overage.)

iPhone 4 (8GB), iOS 6