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I recently purchased a black 32GB iPhone 5 the night the went on sale. After about an hour of using it, I started to hear this really soft clicking noise on the left corner of the phone. After listening closer, the noise got louder and then I heard this really annoying click that was driving me CRAZY! I know, some people will say "who cares it won't be perfect it is a new iPhone release there will be something wrong" But, I expect more from Apple. So, back to the phone, if I press the corner it will not click, but if I have my case on it for a long period of time and I take the case off it will start clicking again. If you do not touch it for about 30 minutes it will stop clicking. I know what you are thinking, "well duh the answer is leave the case on" Well, that isn't the best fix for the problem for two reasons.

1. I switch cases A LOT, like I will have one case on for a week then put another one on, I CAN NOT STAND TO LOOK AT THE SAME CASE FOREVER

2. Sometimes I don't even use the case, I like the way iPhone feels in your hand

So, my question is this: Should I take the phone to the Apple store and get a new one or should I just ignore it?

One last thing, If I take the phone to the Apple store will the give me a brand new phone with no accessories or give me a refurbished one?

Thank You

iPhone 5, iOS 6