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I was burned by my Macbook Pro 13.3"! I have had a few surgeries on my abdomen from cancer when I was younger and was left with a large scar from my ribs to my pelvis. I have very little feeling in that area as a result. The other day, I noticed a large blister right where the laptop exhaust comes out! Probably the size of a nickel!


Is this really supposed to get that hot? I often rest it there when I'm in bed and it is just Castleville on Facebook that it seems to get that hot. I think this is a design problem that makes it so difficult to efficiently cool the processor. Please advise. I should not get burned by my laptop!

MacBook Pro, iOS 5.0.1
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    slenser wrote:


    Please advise. I should not get burned by my laptop!

    You should be using your mac on a cool, flat surface such as a desk to allow for optimal air flow to keep the internal components cool.  Macs can and do get very hot.

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    If there isn't any airflow under the laptop then it will get hot.  Browsing the web, typing text, things that are not processor intensive should be fine, but it will still get warm. 

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    Using it on your lap is also okay - I do it all the time, almost exclusively.  However, note that if you're going to be playing games or something else that makes the machine heat up, you've got to put your legs near the corners of the machine.  It's really the back center, along the hinge, that gets so hot, and if you're resting it on your belly, that's exactly where it's in contact with your body.

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    I fell asleep next to my mid 2009 MBP and somehow go my forearm under the case. I woke up with a blister about 1" in diameter... really ugly burn. Never seen anything like it and somehow did not wake up until after I was burned.


    Not sure what to do next. Anyone else experience similar? Should I notify Apple?



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    I don't really have anything productive to say, other than my macbook has the annoying tendancy to get hot at seemingly everything I do... It's the really annoying outcome of 'innovative design'.

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    I got the new mid 2012 13in mbp 3 days ago and i downloaded trainz and after like 5 minuites of playing the game i picked it up to move it off my desk and i almost dropped it it was so hot it was like touching a litteral oven.

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    You are not the only one who has been burned by an Apple laptop. When you think of the word Laptop and Apple take that with a gain of salt. Their computers can heat up rapidly even if your not playing a game or viewing Flash movies. Some of the MacBook Pro models can become very uncomfortable with even general web sufing and shorlty their after it's very possible to experience a heat burn. While I love Apple equiment it's best not to use their laptops as a laptop. Part of the problem with thier laptops "inovative design" is that they do not have a powerfull enough fan(s) and that they use the case as a heat sync. Also unlike many PC laptops that vent to the side or back you will find that Apple's vents directly into your lap. If you must (or want) to use your laptop in your lap then consider a Laptop Cooling Pad as it will reduce the tempature of the laptop and provide a safe buffer between yourself and the comptuer.