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A few days ago I got a notification that there was an update available for iCloud, so I did the update.  And then I discovered that the iCloud update had turned off some of the functionality in my Outlook Calendar.  Some arrogant "Genius" apparently decided that the Notes section of the Calendar should be in a font that's so small that I have to strain my eyes to read it, and then the same "Genius" decided to turn off the ability to change the font size or type.

It was working fine as it was, so why did the "Genius" decide to screwed it up? I'm sure the answer is: to punish Windows users. I understand that Apple and Windows are competitors, but when Apple purposely screws up Windows functions, it's just plain wrong.  And it certainly isn't going to make me more likely to buy more Apple products in the future.

There are also lots of other Outlook Calendar functions that were disabled by that iCloud update; it wasn't just the font settings that were disabled. The entire Insert tab (and all functionality therein) and the entire Format Text tab (and all the functionality therein) are GONE!  And half of the functionality in the remaining Appointment tab is gone.

Is there any way to turn my font controls and other functions on again in Outlook?

iPad 2, iOS 6
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