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I just activated my phone tonight, over the wifi. Updated all my apps, over the wifi. For ten minutes I switch over to 4lte to test it. I performed one speed test, watch a 2 minute video on Youtube, watch a 2 minute video on my website, checked my email, and check my faceboo...all totaling about 10 minutes. My cellular data was 614! YES, 614MB! Before the iPhone 5, with my iPhone 4 I was averaging 800mb a month. This is ridiculous and the update did not fix anything. Anybody still experiencing extreme data usage after VErizon's 13.1 update?IMG_0003.PNG

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    614 MB is not extreme. Your testing is bull.

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    614 MB in 10 MINUTES is a lot. It is a lot when my average used to be 800mb (I have bills to prove it). Explain to me how those apps I mention suck up 614mb in 10 minutes?

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    Plus, if my testing is bull, please suggest a better way. I updated my apps and used some of them with "cellular data" turned off. So those updates did not eat up data. Then, turned "cellular data" back on and performed the activies mentioned in my post.

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    I read a news article today in a Melbourne Australia paper that said the mobile data bug is know to Apple.  The phoen seems to prefer 4G over wifi.  Suggestions that iCould Safari syncing might be part of the problem.  Others think it might be Apple podcast appand removing it might help.  The carriers Telstra and Vodafone in Australia said they were away of issues. Telstra is in discussions with Apple to try an dfix the problemthat is causing iphone 5 to prefer LTE or 4G data over wifi even when connectd to wifi.  On twitter Telstra aid there was a suspected issue with the iphone.  Vodafone said there was an issue at its end and Optus is investigating.  Virgin Mobile is also look at the issue.  On 30 September US telco Verizon and Apple released an update which fixed an issue that caused iphone 5 to use Verizon mobile data while the phone was connected to wifi

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    I am having the same problem !I downloaded the patch (actually had an apple tech at the genius bar do it) and it has not solved the problem for me either. My Verizon iPhone 5 still uses cellular data when I am on wifi....even in the middle of the night.  Been to the apple store twice and they say it is a Verizon issue. Tech support at Verizon say its an apple issue. Soooooo frustrating!!! Never had thus issue with my iPhone 4 and AT&T.

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    If you use the Podcast app, do this:

    Settings > Podcasts > Turn off auto download on cellular data

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    Hey guys,


    I had the same problem and the download via mobile data happened even while being connected in a Wifi. Same time my iPhone 5 over-heated and the battery life went down (every 2-3 minutes 1% less).


    But, it looks like I found the solution (joint with a guy from Apple hotline):

    In my case it is the CALENDAR App that comes with iOS 6.0 that doesn't work correctly. It starts downloading all entries of various calendars but fails to sync.


    Solution (in my case):

    A. At "Mail, Contacts, Calendars" I deactivated with all email accounts the calendars.

    B. I shopped the CalenGoo-App which allows to add any email account with calendars and syncs properly.


    Over last night my battery only lost 25% (during seven hours) and my data traffic was ZERO via cellular network.

    Still I have all apps set to "auto download" and my GPS is activated as well.


    Try it out - maybe and hopefully it will help you as well.... 

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    I updated all three of my iPhone 5s and I still have the issue after I checked my data usage from last night.  All the three phones were at home all night connected to WIFI and they show high amounts of data usage.  I also have an iPhone 4 connected to WiFi and it does the same thing.  My son was watching NETFLIX on his phone Sunday with his iPhone 4 while connected to Wifi and it used a ton of data.  This is not just an iPhone 5 issue.  I just hope Verizon doesn't ding us when we go over.