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With new OIS I can no longer sync playlist for podcasts.  Directions for this do NOT work.

iPhone 4S, iOS 6
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    Yes, and no.


    In iOS 6, Apple made podcasts invisible in Playlists, presumably to force people to move to the Podcasts app. The playlist syncs, but you can't see or select the podcasts in Music. If you can somehow trick Music into playing a podcast from the playlist, it will play down the playlist with no problems.


    This change has screwed up all of us who set up  a playlist of podcasts to listen to during a drive/walk/run/work.


    If they had added playlist support to Podcasts, it would not have been an issue.


    Holy crap! I just found a work-around. You still can't see the podcasts, but you can use voice commands on the iPhone 4, and presumably Siri on the iPhone 4s and 5 to say "Play playlist <name of playlist with podcasts>", and Music will go to the first song in that playlist. When I tried it, it thought it was playing, but wasn't doing anything. I had to pause and then hit play again to get the playlists to play. But it did work. I got Music to play my playlist again!



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    Delete the podcast app, and you'll be able to sync playlists containing podcasts, and play podcasts through the music app. The podcast app is simply awful, worse than the map app. It has about 3500 1 star ratings on itunes.

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    This is stupid. I had been working on this perfect playlist along with some of the podcast music tracks for a time trial on my bicycle, and now because of this new feature I recently heard about (podcast being invisible in playlists to force people to use the new horrible podcast app) is simply stupid.


    I have had to recreate the podcast using "on the go" playlist on my ipod just to try and get around this.


    I don't know if I am out of line in saying this, but i have to get this off my chest. I swore by apple. I wasn't a blind sheep buying the new product whenever it came out, but I liked how they were set up and enjoyed the interface.


    Ever since Tim Cook took over, the iphone 5 got bigger and changed the dock that was kept the same since day 1 of the old fashioned "iPod Brick", the iPod nano (which was cool and could be worn as a watch) got bigger, and now this?


    Im sorry... but Steve knew what he was doing. If anything else with apple heads in the same direction as these recent blunders, I am seriously thinking of selling all my apple stuff wholesale.


    I hope someone of importance sees this.

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    Whoever decided to do this should be in a 4th of July parade in a clown car.  Worst product decesion ever!

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    This has been annoying me since I got my iPhone 5. Wish I had searched for this sooner. I just deleted the Podcasts app and now my podcast playlists are showing up on my iPhone. Thanks for the tip, Doctor.

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    ios7 seems to have fixed this. Initially, I thought it had made it even worse. I had previously deleted the Podcast app so that Music would play my playlist. When I installed ios7, I discovered that this was no longer true. Music will not show podcasts no matter what! Initially I was extremely annoyed. Then I tried the workaround suggested at the beggining of this thread. I told Siri to play my playlist that contains podcasts. The Podcast app launched and began playing the list. That's OK, but what happens when I want to manually move to a different part of the list? After some fishing around, I discovered that playlists are now under "Stations." Yeah! Playlists in the Podcast app! This might be a useful app after all!