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Since installing Lion, my son's managed account has been a disaster.  I use Parental Controls to automatically filter web content.  This has always worked well in the past.  When he encountered a site that was questionable, Snow Leopard asked for my credentials to add it to the approved white list.  This includes all secured (https://) web sites, which Parental Controls consistently and intentionally blocks, because the browser/OS can't appropriately filter for content on secured connections.


In the modern age of web browsing, however, hundred of companies attempt to install cookies, use invisible images (or other "bugs") or otherwise track Internet usage to sell to marketers.  Many of these cookies and bugs make secured (https://) calls to their host domains, either to secure the user's personal data they are transmiting (probably their story) or to hide the information they are transmiting so we users won't know what they are tracking about us (probably the reality).


Either way, every time my son visits a web page from any even remotely popular site, a dialog box with a laundry list of of secured domains he has (in Safari's words) "attempted to access" appears.  Dismissing the box is not helpful.  Another appears every time he moves to another page.  It is an incredible annoyance for both him and me.


I've blocked cookies from most sites in the Safari preferences.  I've installed the Ghostery extension to block most of the "secret" marketing related traffic affiliated with most web pages.  (I swear, if most people saw how many third-party companies track their private Internet browsing, they'd probably suffer anxiety attacks and never use the Internet again.)  The problem seems a little better, but still isn't totally gone.


Any suggestions would be most welcome.

Intel iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    Hi, did you get anywhere with this issue? I just installed Lion last night and have 2 restricted accounts for my kids and have already run into this issue. Kids being constantly bombarded with useless lists of https sites that they have to keep clicking ok on. Desperate mess. Did Apple QA this OS as this appears to be a blindingly obvious bug.

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    I have the opposite problem: I welcome the alert to add HTTPS so I can authenticate that site and the annoying problem goes away. My son also has valid reasons to need to log into secure web pages (like for school!).


    But now I've noticed, perhaps since 10.7.3, that when I authenticate a secure web site, ALL HTTP & /S service goes down. Skype still works, can ping (ICMP), but can't access anything via HTTP or HTTPS. Used to only happen for like 10 minutes or so, then everything would start working again. Now, it seems stuck there, and rebooting the computer doesn't seem to help!


    I've tried turning off web filtering for his account, and turning it back on, but that doesn't seem to help. In fact, left it in 'Allow unrestricted access' and it still fails! Writing this now from my account, so it seems to be something wrong in his account setup. Don't want to have to rebuild his account, so will try other methods. Welcome any ideas.

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    Has there been a resolution for this? Through much web searching, this seems to have been a problem under previous versions of Mac OS X as well, though I didn't have this problem until the "upgrade" to Lion. I believe the previous parental controls on my childrens machines simply ignored the SSL connections.  Now the annoying dialogs appear.  If I could simply disable these SSL dialogs without disabling "all" security dialogs, I'd be happy.



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    I to have issues with "Parental Controls", it seemed fine with Lion and even 10.8 but now on 10.8.2 skype sems the worst culprit (perhaps it the softy roots) it keeps posting the same requests tht is one for msnmessenger.msn.akadns.net and the other the other is for Skype itself even when I grant permission the same requests keep coming up it interferes with web browsing since when the requests appear they demand action over everything else.

    My son is just 14 and he has reached the age where it is vital that there are limitations on his use . The biggest neede for control over a` Spanish social site Tuenti which he received **** from a so called friend which rekindled the need for control and particular to block this site.

    Has anyone found a solution to this loop of permissions in the past I set it added approved sites probable about 20 of them then forgot about it .

    I switched the controls off yesterday to see if it would reset and cure the situation no improvement plus my son erased his browsing history so it is obvios I need to keep the controls in place.

    The only other thought will be to use Little Snitch to control the computer.


    Any thoughts anyone!

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    http://reviews.cnet.com/8301-13727_7-57523360-263/fixing-parental-controls-probl em-in-os-x-10.8.2/


    This link to cnet seems to have a solution to the problems arrisen in Mountain Lion 10.8.2 I found that the third step laid out in the article appears to work  that is clearing & resetting managed account status.

    I tried deleating plist files in managed preferences folder to no avail.

    It is too early to say if this has cured the problems although I note that Skype has stopped prompting for permissions so hopefully that is the end of the issue.

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    Just reset everything on my machine to try out the cnet approach... nope, still doesnt work.


    SSL is a disaster. For example, my kids have dropbox accounts, the dropbox client keeps needing to attach to an https connection, so they keep being prompted. Even after I clear the site as being OK, they keep being prompted. The only satisfactory resolution I can find is the one I posted earlier on in another thread:




    good luck!

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    Yes I tried the cnet method to no effect I do not wish to get rid of my son's account create a new one set it all up to find no improvement (with a time deficit of 5 hours or whatever) . Skype continues to prompt permissions repeatedly and even if I grant permission a minute later I get another prompt .

    For the time been I have no other ideas the cnet suggestions sounded promising I have even tried blocking Skype with Little Snitch and giving Skpe permissions in Parental Controls in System Preferences .

    My son just will take a mile if I give him an inch so for the moment there is nothing else to do but just click ok and carry on with the loop - tedious stuff!!

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    Have you tried the terminal command I referred to in the link I've just posted above?


    Seems to work ok for me and gets rid of the continual prompting.