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Thanks to the iOS 6 update I now have a very expensive paper weight. I have tried everything that anyone has suggested on here and nothing works...I keep getting a solid blue screen...a hazy black/white screen and a pixeled blue/yellow screen.... My phone will not even charge now. Its been plugged up for hours and nothing..........Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr  all i did was run the update while it was plugged into iTunes. Then iTunes told me I had to restore and so I did...now nothing...soft reset does't work. hard reset doesn't work....APPLE better send me a new phone.........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    did you tried holding home + power button for some time till apple logo comes and go, if not try this out and again try to restore it.


    hope it works. i can understand how u'r feeling buddy.





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    I have tried everything Also! This phone will no longer take a charge! I have called apple told me to go to an ATT store and buy a charger. I was using a "third party" charger. So I guess that I will be going to ATT tonight to try out a charger. when i plug in the phone using the cord to the computer it is like it is not even plugged in. Also does this for the car charger. When i plug it into the wall charger i get an error that this device is not supported?? I hope Apple plans on fixing this problem. I have been searching the internet and looks like more and more people are having the same problem....




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    Its not the charger. I spent an hour on the phone with Apple this morning and they are replacing my phone, since it apparently is fried. I charged it overnight for 10 hours and still no charge.  The apple tech person told me he had "No idea how to fix it".  So yep...now i have to wait 3-5 to get the replacement.

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    I have exactly the same issue, please help!!!

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    CMColee is your phone under warranty? When I called support they told me to Try the charger that is an "apple" charger and not a 3rd party charger..... So guess i am off to ATT and see if a new charger will work. Just wondering if I am screwed cause my warrenty is up.... Thanks

    This is crazy that an update would cause these problems I hope Apple does the right thing and corrects this FAST!!

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    after reading ur problem here, i called requested for an apple support and they called me right away. i spoke with an apple tech and he walked me through different step to restore my phone.


    he told me to hold the power & home button at the same time until u see the apple logo and then let go of the power button but continue holding the power button and then connect the usb cable to the computer. my phone was recognized in itunes and able to do system restore. now, my phone is working. thank you to the apple tech support (reshad) for helping me out.


    hope this one will help.

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    How does one continue to hold a power button while letting it go? Please clarify.

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    I'm sorry about the confusion. It should be continue holding the home button while u let go of the power button.

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    Thanks for your post.  I had tried and failed to update our iPad2 to IOS6.  Crashed and burned!

    Blue screen and boot failures.  Battery displayed as depleted and wouldn't charge.


    Used your instructions ... success ... original OS reinstalled followed by a successful restore.


    Thanks once again.


    Perhaps I will be brave enough to re-attempt IOS6 installation on all devices?  Perhaps not ...

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    It is called DFU mode or Device Firmware Update. After entering this mode, iTunes sees that the device is locked into a restore mode.


    I see so many folks on here thinking they "fried" their devices doing the update. I believe they performed an Over the air update and received a corrupt file. I always recommend using iTunes to perform the update as you also get the option of performing a backup prior to installing the new IOS/firmware.


    It is also possible that some of these situations are from corrupted backup files. If after a restore and restore from back up fails, try performing an additional restore but do not install from backup and see if that clears the problem.


    DFU mode should be the last resort but should work at least 90% of the time. In my opinion, Apple products are very difficult to "brick" or make unusable because of this DFU mode restore option.


    As to third party chargers, that to me is rediculous unless the manufacturer is using the wrong voltage rating at the wall transformer. Most reputable third party accessories should be fine unless it is some $1 China knockoff.


    My experience, iPhone 4 update OTA had error, did restore via 10.7 iTunes without a flaw. iPad 3 over iTunes without a flaw. First iPhone 5 had wifi cut out issue and since replaced, no flaws therefore I attribute the first one as Hardware issue from the first batch of shipped devices.


    I hope you are able to get your device restored from any of this information, but seriously, I believe the Apple rep was grasping at straws about the third party charger especially if there were no issues prior to IOS 6. Not all first level tech support personnel are Genious's. Sometimes it has to be handed over to the superior genious's LOL


    Good luck!

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    I agree thinking this could be an OTA update that had errors. I am happy to report that Apple has replaced my phone free of charge! I had talked to a Superior genious and we tried many things. Happy to report that even though i lost everything they replaced the faulty phone (update) and it was pretty fast.