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    Tgara Level 4 Level 4 (3,540 points)

    Thomas A Reed wrote:


    I was told as were many others, that this was nonsense.


    For some morbid reason I keep looking at this topic, and though I'm weary of reiterating, I think there's an important point that needs to be made here. There is a very significant difference between being told that such claims are nonsense and being told that those claims are unlikely with some suggestions for troubleshooting steps to try. My weariness on this topic (and other battery-related topics) comes from the fact that people seem to assume that the latter equates to the former, which it does not.


    I'm quite sure there are people here who will utterly dismiss your claims and tell you that you're full of nonsense. I know there are a few high-level "experts" here who will do just that. That is simply an issue with any online forum like this. Ignore them. They're trolls.


    However, when someone makes the effort try to help you understand other, more likely, causes so you can resolve the problem on your own, you are welcome to disagree, but please treat that person with some respect. ("You," in this case, being used in the general, not specifically referring to you.)



    Thanks for your thoughtful comments on this and other topics.


    Everyone, let's all try to remember that we're simply trying to help each other.  The nit-picking and character assassinations are not helpful.

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    keith contarino Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)


    just dawned on me i never came back here to thank you for your insight and i've been to your website and it  is packed with excellent useful information and i thank you for that also

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