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i have a mbpro 15,4 high resolution. I've 49 and my eyesight is not like a young. I can't work all day long with the 1680 x 1050 resolution so i use 1440 x 852 ( why not 1440 x 900) but the desktop doesn't occupy all the screen; there are two black spaces at the top and at the bottom of the screen. Can i enlarge the screen ?  Can i enlarge the fonts with the 1680 x 1050 resolution


MacBook Pro (15-inch Late 2011), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    System Preferences>Displays. Check "Best for built-in display" and see what happens.

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    I have tried it but fonts are too small form my eyes. Instead i'm using SwitchResX (now demo version) and with this prog i've set 1440 x 900 with no letterbox on the screen so i can use all the area of the screen

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    Hi there,


    in order to prevent the black bars from showing at the top and bottom of your screen, you need to choose a resolution which matches the width to height ratio of your default resolution. The MacBooks usually default to a 16:10 ratio, so you could use a resolution of 1440x900 (not helpful as you stated), 1152x720 or 1024x640 as alternative to your default resolution of 1680x1050.


    If the gain in text size still is  not sufficient, then you can search the App Store for a screen magnifier programme. I think I once saw one there, but don't remember its name.


    Hope this helps,



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    frisbah, could you tell me the details of how you implemented 1440 x 900 using SwitchResX? I tried creating a custom 1440 x 900 resolution, accepting the SwitchResX defaults, and ended up with the dreaded black screen. Thanks!

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    I have SwitchResX not registered. (starting from 1680 x 1050) I have created a 1440 x 900 res in "Custom Resolutions" menu by clicking on "+" on the left-bottom corner.


    After this i've choosen 1440 x 900 res from the "Display Resolutions" Menu


    If you clik on the "eye" you can see this



    In this way i have eliminated the black raws on the top and on the ground of the screen.

    Schermata 2012-12-24 alle 16.33.56.png

    Besides this i use Mozilla Firefox because it remember the "cmd +"  command for the pages that i see frequently; so if i close Firefox and than i re-open it, it will display the same page with te size increased.


    Happy Holiday



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    Thanks very much, Luca, for the very detailed response. It worked for me too, and now my wife loves her new 15" MBP with the anti-glare Hi-Res screen. Before, not so much. Happy Holidays!