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I have an early 2010 MacBook Pro.   I upgraded to Mountain Lion yesterday and at first everything was fine.   Then I tried to open Photoshop CS6 (which others have had no problem with).   The screen tinted a strange blue color, then crashed,closing all programs.   Then it tries to reopen them all... including Photoshop... which crashes again.  This puts the computer in a perpetual loop and the only way out is a hard reboot.


After much testing, I can confirm this isn't just Photoshop... the same thing happens when I open Chrome, Snapseed, Aperture, Final Cut Pro 7, Final Cut Pro X, After Effects, Photoshop CS5... really anything graphics intensive.


I have done everything I know to do.   Reset PRAM, Verified disk permissions, repair disk permissions... nothing works. 


If I boot in Safe mode, all of the above programs work.   Anything other than safe mode though and they crash my machine every time.  


Is anyone else having a similar issue and can anyone offer any suggestions as to what this could be?   I really feel like it's an issue with the graphics card... It seems like whenever it switches to the discreet card, that's when it freezes.   If I'm not mistaken, SAFE mode never uses the 2nd graphics card, right? 


This is extremely frustrating.. can't really do any work or run anything.   Please help!