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I just tried to import photos to my iPhoto from my iPhone.  I got an error that my hard disk is almost full, but iPhoto said all the photos were successfully transported, so I deleted them from my phone.  Now the photos aren't showing up on iPhoto anywhere.  On my phone there's just a bunch of black empty spots where the photos were.  (I was not using iCloud.)


Does anyone have any idea where the photos might be?  If they were successfully downloaded, shouldn't they be somewhere?  The black spots on my iPhone means they're still be recognized on some level, right? 


Please, any help would be so appreciated.  The photos are irreplaceable, and I am completely beside myself. 

iPhone 4S
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    How much free space do you have on your Mac?



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    LN --


    Thank you for responding.  I have 3.5 GB on my drive right now.  Since I posted, I was fortunate to find many of the photos in my MacBook's Finder window under, "Today."  I copied those a new separate folder onto my desktop for safe keeping (until I can free up some space and import into iPhoto). 


    Any ideas on the photos that weren't there?  Is there somewhere else I could look to see if they are stashed away? 

    Thanks for any info,


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    Never ever use the finder to make and changes if any sort to the contents or structure of the iPhoto library. You very likely have corrupted your library


    As to space you need a minimum of 10GB at all times for system operation   Clean up is not likely to resolve your basic problem. You probably will have to purchase an external hard drive and move your iTunes library to it. Then after you have adaquate free dusk space fixing damage to your iPhoto library. Once it is working then moving it to the EHD too



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    Thank you so much for your responses. 


    I didn't know I was so low on space.  Even if I had known, I didn't realize I needed 10GB.  Thanks for that.  The EHD is on order. 


    As for the finder, I didn't actually move anything.  I just copied the .jpgs and .movs with yesterday's date into a brand-new folder on my desktop.  (Somehow I had enough room for that?!)  iPhoto seems to be working okay, with the exception of the missing photos, which look like they never imported into the application due to space constraints.  As long I a don't try to add anything to my iPhoto library, I should be okay, right?  I won't add anything until the EHD comes...after I move my iTunes library like you suggested. 


    Thanks again,


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    Yes. Copying the photos is ok. I thought you moved them


    Yes things should not get worse if you do not add data although if you could delete some unneeded files it would be good. If you have an iPhone you might delete the iPhone cache. It can be large and is safe to delete. Right click on your iPhoto library and show package contents. You can delete the iPhone cache and empty the trash