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Hello to anyone Reading this and hopefully they can HELP ME. My problem is my iPhone 4S is using way to much data usage I got the phone in 9/6/12 and I have all ready have overages. I have the 5GB AT&T service I Originally had 3GBs but the phone went way passed that. If anyone else is having this problem and they found a Solution could you please let me know.

iPhone 4S, iOS 6
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    What are you doing with the phone to cause the data usage?

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    I am having this problem too.  I have neven used my 750mg of data in a year, hoiwever in 5 days I have apparently used over 1800mb, I am not even using the phone when this is happening.  I was in the orange shop yesterday and my usage was going up and up but orange says that I must be using it.  The staff in the shop had switched everything off but this was still not good eough for orange custoer care.  I am at a loss as to what to do

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    Icloud may be one culprit. If its syncing documents and data over cellular you can disable it to wifi only. I'm having mystery data use but have unlimited data. I used 635mb last sunday night but was watching nfl mobile on wifi. Annoying and though I don't need to worry about averages I still feel like I'm getting cheated.

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    I have the problem with my iPhone 4. It started for me when I 'upgraded' to ioS 6. I went from an average monthly data usage of 150MB/month (a 2 year average) to 8.1 GB up/download in 28 days. To try and track down which app is The Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal, I've just installed the Onavo Count app. This claims to monitor the data usage of each app. My sights at the moment are on Skype. I only use iCloud for Calendar syncing.