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I'm just wondering, is there a boot disabler if fan is not operational?
I've been having fan problems lately. The fan blade was scraping up against the metal, making it sound like 1000 angry hornets were attempting to escape my laptop. But, last class, my PB just wouldn't start. I attempted a verbose boot in openfirmware but that did nothing. I thought it was a shot hard drive, and that isn't out of the question (hard drives don't last forever) But just a few minutes ago, right after the startup sound, I listened closely to my PB. I heard the fan turn on and off a few times then the grey screen came on and there was no fan noise anymore. The booting cannot pass the grey screen. No Apple logo, just a blank, grey screen. I can boot into OpenFirmware and I can also boot into the Startup Manager.

Any help with this is muchly appreciated,


PowerBook, Mac OS X (10.4.11)