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So. After an hour or three looking through archives here and researching the web it seems you cannot add a map to any book other than the apple template with theme "photo essay" or "journal" wich cannot be accessed when using custom page sizes. The only way to put a map in your book is to make a screen shot of google maps and paste it into the book as a photograph. I am sure that if pressed apple will point out that they clearly state in their current advertising video that 'the new journal and photo essay themes support maps" Silly me I did not get the implied 'and nothing else does'. Seriously. Do like I say not like I do. Do not waste any more time trying to find a way to make this work. Just cut and paste screen shots into your book.

     Oh yea and while on the subject of doing what I say not what I do. Do NOT try to switch themes after you have done work on a custom book. All your custom crops and special formatting will dissapear and you will not be able to get it back unless you have made a backup.

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    Did you consider my post from Jan 2011:

    Adding a map box to a book


    In case the link doesn't work:

    I wondered why the "Add Map Box" item is not active in the "Modern Lines" theme (among others). After searching the forum for that topic I came across these two posts

    [http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?messageID=12351013&#12351013] and


    which are unfortunately archived. As I needed a solution I started digging in the plist files as recommended in one of the posts above. The "Add Map Box" menu item is active in the "Photo Journal" and "Photo Essay" themes. After comparing the files Theme.plist in /Applications/Aperture.app/Contents/Resources/Book Themes/Modern Lines/ExtraLarge and /Applications/Aperture.app/Contents/Resources/Book Themes/Photo Essay/ExtraLarge I found that adding the two lines



    also for the "Modern Lines" Theme.plist I was able to add map boxes.


    Hope that helps!


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    One option is to create a new book with the images you wish to use on a map and then using the photo journal / photo essay theme create the map based on your requirements. Once laid out use file>print>save as pdf to create a pdf version of just the map page of the book. Import this pdf (which is effectively an image) back into Aperture and use in your book theme that does not support maps.


    An alternative is to create the map in iPhoto or an image editing app. I have previosuly used slides from keynote with images & bullet points sucessfully in a book orderd form Apple.