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I have a couple huge complaints about OSX Finder and wondering if anyone knows a way around it.


1) When using the Columns view which is what I really prefer, it opens a folder shrunk down too narrow to read anything.  I'm constantly having to drag the open the columns and it drives me crazy.  Is there  a way to make it default to opening wide enough for the largest length file in the folder?


2) Is there a way to tell it that i want to use columsn or lists for every finder/folder that I open?  it seems to remember the way I opened the last folder and keeps opening it the same way.


3) If using list view or columns for that matter, is there a way to have it sort folders at the top of the list instead of down in the list with all the files?


I'm really just trying to find some way to work with this thing that I'm not constantly having to resize and hunt for things.


thanks for any help you might provide.



MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.7)