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Abour 4 years ago (maybe 5) I made an iMovie with still photos on my then 1 year old MacBookpro, added music, and it was a piece of cake.  My friends who were depicted in the photos loved it.  But, I've totally forgotten how to do this.  I now have a fairly new 6-month old 21-inch iMac and bunches of pictures that I want to put on a DVD so my friends can look at on their DVD player at home. 


What size should the images be so my friends can watch the "movie" on their DVD player at home?  I presume jpg, but should they be as they came from the camera (4.2 MB) or  reduced for web size (72 dpi, 1000 X 800 px or so).  I'm guessing they should be the larger size to display on a decent HD screen.  Can I use TIFF files? 


How can I move the images around before burning to a DVD?  Thus, so I can put picture #3 before picture #1?  Is there some way to drag and drop the images?   I tried on the screen in iMovie, and there didn't seem to be any way to do that.  Or, is it necessary to first make a file with the images lined up the way I want, then import them into iMovie. 


The images have all been processed in Photoshop, so at least that issue is resolved. 


I looked at a few of the iMovie tutorials, and found NOTHING about using still photos.  The tutorials seemed all about Video.


I've also seen the discussion about the need for a special burn software - iDVD, DVD, Burn, or Roxio Toast.  My iMac has iDVD.app, so that issue hopefully is solved.  Is there some magic to going from "create iMovie" to burn with iDVD.app?


Also, how can I put this iMovie onto my iPad? Via iPhoto and iTunes, I suppose. 


How can I get a notification whenever someone posts to this discussion string or answers the questions?  Is there a "preferences" for discussion forums?  There doesn't seem to be a notification check box anywhere on this Start New Discussion screen. 


Thanks for the help. 


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    Take a look at iPhoto.

    It has more features for image formats and works well with iDVD.

    Your original image files will be reduced in dimensions to fit the TV "safe viewing" area (about 640X480).

    To get the iPhoto slideshow "movie" onto your iPad you will export it to QuickTime format and select the iPad preset and then add it to your iTunes Library.