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Hi there,


We are still using an old Apple Xserve G5 for minor backup jobs. So far the Xserve is running very reliable. A year ago the Xserve unexpectedly

shut down for numerous times. As I found out the guys from the colocation connected the Xserve with a wrong port on their power reset system. So, as

soon as another colocation client initiated a power reset, a shutdown was forced on my Xserve.


Problem: A couple of days ago this kind of behavior reoccurred. My remote card showed me no display signal. So the Xserve has been completely

shutdown. The system.log doesn't show me any useful entries like localhost kernel[0]: ApplePMU::PMU forced shutdown. There are no entries before the system startup logfile entries. This time the server is attached to correct power supply unit and the power supply is working normally.


Unfortunately my ISP says that there were no maintenance on the colocationrack or any kind of power outage during this timeframe.  I am still not sure

about that…


Anyone have seen this error on those old Xserve models?