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iCloud tabs seem to be missing from Safai on my MacBook. I've looked in Customize Toolbar but the button is not there. I have ensured that Safari is enabled in the iCloud preferences (although for some reason it is labelled as Bookmarks instead of Safari) and my iPhone and iPad are both running iOS6.

Why can I not find this?

MacBook (13-inch Early 2008), Mac OS X (10.7.4)
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    Do you have mountain lion installed?  It's a requirement to use tabs.

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    I'm having the exact same problem. I just bought my MBP not even 2 months ago and i swear that at first it had the icloud tabs in the toolbar. I've made sure that it has Mountain lion and that all private browsing is shut off on both my iphone 4S and my mac. Both devices have safari set up in iCloud. the iCloud tabs works on my phone but i can't even find it on my mac. This is starting to really annoy me

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    I've tried it all too - to no avail: Apple Troubleshooting steps, no private browsing, restarting, etc.

    I had no iCloud tabs on the Mac, nor on the iPhone.


    The only thing that worked in the end, was plugging my iPhone into the MBP and choosing "restore".  Took ages, with all the apps and pictures restoring from backup, but in the end iCloud tabs finally appeared again on both, the iPhone and the MBP.

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    I had the same problem.  I noticed that my iphone was logged into icloud with @me.com and my mac was logged in with @icloud.com.  changing my mac to exactly match my phone seemed to fix the problem.  Perhaps that did it, or pherhaps logging out of icloud and relogging on did it.  In either case, it is now working for me.



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    still not working for me

    same id on imac and iphone

    no private browsing

    icloud turned on


    safari icloud tabs button only shows:

    "icloud automatically shows all the open tabs on your other devices"


    yet i have 2 tabs open on my iphone


    i also could never get the 3 apple programs/apps to sync from iphone to mac either, pages, numbers, and the other thing


    *it just doesnt work

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    You can right click above the search bar and select "customize toolbar" where you'll find the iCloud tab and can drag it to the top so you can always see it. Hope this helps.