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My apologies if these issues have been addressed before, but I have plowed through the discussions and tried some of the things suggested, yet I seem to be running into walls. So here is the story:



My podcast mp3-file is living on archive.org, the podcast homepage is on wordpress:


iTunes page: http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/skeinafterskein/id533533962



The problems with iTunes:

1) It lists author as "Unknown". I tried to add iTunes html tags in wordpress <itunes:author>The Skeins</ituens:author>, but as soon as save it the itunes tags disappear and I am left with "The Skeins". How can I change "By Unknown" so that iTunes has the correct information?



2) Explicit setting

When I set up the podcast I didn't check the "Explicit content" option. Turns out the podcast does contain some language and I'd like to change that. How can switch the podcast to explicit content?



3) Picture

When I first set up the podcast with itunes, it did have a picture. Now it is gone. How can I get my picture back on the podcast?



4) Statistics

What is the best way for me to find out how many downloads I have and other statistics (using the wordpress/iTunes combination)?



I appreciate any help!

Thank you!