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Waveburner's DDP is BROKEN!!! - Catastrophically broken

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  • pertidstrand Calculating status...

    I have to agree, from learning the hard way, that Waveburner´s DDP feature is not reliable...


    One would have thought that such a feature should be foolproof, but unfortunately it is not. The DDP file I created chopped off a full second or so from every track. And of course, I had no way of checking that before uploading to the CD-plants ftp server. So here I am with 1000 CDs with wrong PQ code... AAARGH. One might argue that the plant should check things the file, but I mean there was nothing wrong with the  uploaded file, except that it was wrongly created! Sending in a CD-R would have been a better choice, but it doesn't seem to be very "2012"


    So I have to say - don't use the DDP feature in Waveburner!! Or, use some software to check it!!

  • aleatoric1 Calculating status...

    This really needs to be addressed! 


    WaveBurner is so close to being a near perfect  PMCD/DDP assembly application but falls short in just a few ways that all seem like relatively easy fixes.


    Buggy DDP export is certainly at the top of that list.


    WaveBurner is used and loved by many Apple!  Please continue to support it and fix its bugs/issues!

  • Brad Sarno Calculating status...

    I honestly think that Apple has decided to let Waveburner die in waste. There has been zero support or fixing done in the past year. They've abandoned it completely it seems with no signs of interest in keeping it alive.


    Fortunately there are other options now as developers have taken advantage of this fact that Waveburner has been ditched by Apple.


    Wavelab has jumped on it.


    Look into DSP Quattro. It's not as smooth and slick and rich in the automation department as WB, but it does work well and does create reliable DDP images. Hard to beat the price too.


    Also PreSonus, believe it or not, is currently developing their version of a similar app as well. Very impressive and enticing. Check it out.


    So sad to see Apple blow this tremendous opportunity to be the leader in the Mac-based field of audio mastering, RedBook CD creation, and DDP master file generation. Really tragic, they could have ruled and dominated here. It was SO close and so good except for these small yet critical bugs. I'm amazed that Apple would drop the ball on this one. Really, really sad.



  • koldhands Calculating status...

    Hi all,


    He's anyone tried a DDP image lately? I, still using 1.6.1 and have figured out that as long as you put cd text in the DDP images burn fine!


    I omitted the text for one cd and had a call from the pressing plant that tracks weren't aligned to the gaps, added cd text and it works fine. I would also recommend using Sonoris DDP player which is amazing value for money considering you can continue using Waveburner if you have both tools.


    The beta version of audiofile engineering's 'wave editor' looks really promising too and much improved and the DDP export is simple and works a treat. Well worth the money when it is released.

  • David Pick Calculating status...

    That's intersting, koldhands, I hadn't heard that putting CD text in makes the app effective.  Does that include fixing the checksum problem?  Is the checksum rendered correctly if there is CD text?

  • curvebender Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    My experience is that adding CD-TEXT in a Waveburner project does NOT fix the problem with track start markers being screwed up when exporting a DDP...

  • koldhands Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    So it seems the problem is inconsistent then and doesn't depend on the CD text being added. It was possibly just coincidence that this rectified the DDP in my situation but it could possibly have been something else, I'm just no sure what! And I guess if its unpredictable it simply can't be trusted for doing the job as a pro bit of software.


    I think it's probably the to switch to wave editor even thought the workflow isn't as quick and easy as WB. It does work reliably (even the beta versions!) so this may be my backup software if WB breaks again.

  • kvpstudio Calculating status...

    Hello, I'm new to this forum and I'm not sure if anyone is still involved in this thread - but I have a waveburner question/issue. Hard to explain, but here goes:


    I mastered a 12 song disc and imported the 16bit/44.1 files into waveburner 1.5. Burnt the CD, plays great, everything is all good. After the CD was pressed I played it in my car stock stereo and very rarely, when I start the CD it skips a little off the bat. Once I change tracks and then go back it is working just great. This has also happened in one other car with a stock stereo. A couple hundred people have this CD, and it works great everywhere and this possible issue has not been mentioned to anybody.


    I know now that Waveburner 1.5 has a 'bit rate error' but does anybody know if this is my problem and should I be worried about it happening elsewhere?


    I think waveburner is very easy to use, but are their other programs that you guys use to burn your CD that is going to the printers?



  • Brad Sarno Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I really don't believe this would be a Waveburner issue. Sounds to me more like an issue with the quality of the burn or pressing. The track start data is either there or not, but if you get skippng, that suggest a disc that's hard to read by your CD player. My first move would be to blame the CD pressing plant or the CD player.



  • Brad Sarno Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Currently, one of your best bets on a Mac based CD burning/mastering software similar to Waveburner would be DSP Quattro. It's not as deeply featured with regards to automation, but it DOES create reliable redbook pro masters and DDP file sets. It's a good program although not as fun and slick to work with as Waveburner. For me, until Apple re-hires some staff to actually address the serious Waveburner issues, I pretty much avoid it entirely and depend on Sonic's SoundBlade and DSP Quattro.


    Apparently, Apple pulled all support staff off of Waveburner and it's been sitting there unfixed and unchanged for about 3 years now, just dead in the water. Very tragic as it's SO close to being the best thing out there. Just a couple bug fixes and then Apple would own that market for pro CD creation. So sad... such a waste...




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