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I have two computers running Mac OS Lion Server.   The first started out as an OD Master and I wanted to migrate that over to the other.  Here is the process I took:


Initial: 'A' is master, 'B' is unlinked.

1) set 'B' as replica of 'A'

2) set 'A' as master.

3) set 'B' as replica of 'A'.


Steps 1 and 2 went through fine, but 3 failed.   I then made 'A' standalone and tried to re-bind it as a replica with no avail.

after investigation, i saw some errors in 'B's logs and decided to just nuke it and create a clean master.  This went through without a problem, but I'm still getting errors trying to join 'B' as a replica.  I dont see any errors in 'B' that would show any problems.  in 'A' i see the following error in the slapdconfig.log:


FATAL : Could not retrieve HOST GUID for parent


I have not found any information on the internet for that error and i have not found any other errors on 'A' that would hint at why i cannot make it a replica.


Anyone have any ideas on what I might be able to try?

Mac OS X (10.7)