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I notice little spots, like a residue spot you find on your glasses if you didn't clean them properly, or something rather...   They are behind my 17" MBP's anti-glare screen (those buggers) how did they get there, I live in a super dry environment, when I move windows around, they show best when you have the grey part of the window glide over them, the specks are behind the screen.   I've never seen anything like this for the glossy screens, I've always had issues with the anti-glares with that issue.  The surface stays real clean but behind the screen - different story.


What to do????   Anyone else notice as much as I do, I think because I am near sighted too, I see everything clearly and precisely.



Thanks in advanced.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.5), 17"MBP (late '11) 2.5Ghz i7 w/16GB