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Help! I had and still do have problems saving edits made in Photoshop Elements 9 to iPhoto. (I opened PSE in iPhoto, made edits and saved them. The edits, however, did not show up in iPhoto. I have a question in the support communities on this.)


I contacted Apple support, where I was given some horrible, bad advice, resulting in even more problems. Here is the newest, even more serious problem:


Photos edited in PSE no longer are saved in the iPhoto library. For example, if I open a photo in iPhoto, then open PSE from the edit button in iPhoto, and then try to save the edited photo, the default save locations goes to the Pictures folder. It does not go to any of the folders in the iPhoto library.  I think this is because the Apple tech had me rooting around my photo files, and this is the last place we looked for whatever we were looking for.


I need to get PSE to put the photo back where it needs to go.PSE now wants to dump all photos willy-nilly into the Pictures folder.  As it stands, I cannot edit photos in PSE and expect them to find their way back to iPhoto. Once this problem is solved, the other problem with getting changes to show up will be addressed.


A second Apple tech support person is looking into this issue, but any help from the good folks in this group would be greatly appreciated.

iPhoto '11, Mac OS X (10.7.5)