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I bought Macbook Pro Retina few days ago. Everything was fine, but yesterday my macbook couldn't switch to discrete 650M. And it can't do it now. I tried everything - Formatting SSD and installing everything again, switching between intel hd 4000 and 650M in system settings. In system report 650M is working, but when i play games i see low frame rates and i can't hear fans. One day ago this wasn't like that. There was high frame rate and i heard fans. Any idea what I can do with that?

MacBook Pro with Retina display, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    You are still under warranty.  Call Apple Care.    


    #1 - You have 14 days from the date of purchase to return your computer with no questions asked. 


    #2 - You have 90 days of FREE phone tech support. 


    #3 - You have the standard one year Apple warranty.


    #4 - If you've purchased an AppleCare Protection Plan, your warranty last for 3 years.   You can obtain AppleCare anytime up to the first year of the purchase of your computer.    


    Take FULL advantage of your warranty.  Posting on a message board should be done as a last resort and if you are out of warranty or Apple Care has expired.













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    before all try in Preferences - Energy saver - disable automatic graphics switching. It should force discrete card.

    Also Utilities - System Information - Graphics/Displays will show you how much kards you still have and to which of them display is currently attached

    Also bootcamped windows uses only discrete card if it exists - so if you have it you can check what windows will show about gpu