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My trackpad started acting erractically today. Anytime I move it across the screen it selects and clicks everything in its path. It is extremely sensitive. I've checked the trackpad settings and it is not checked to be sensitive or to touch to click.


Any ideas how to fix this or is it a hardware problem that can't be fixed? I've since turned it off and am back on my Mighty Mouse.


Using Late 2009 iMac. OS

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    SJRNET Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    There are a lot of us getting this problem Lance.


    It looks as though OSX 10.8.2 broke something


    Have had to take batteries out of Magic Trackpad now, because even after disconnecting it in Bluetooth Connection, it 'magically' reconnects itself then starts to do its 'magic' clicking all over the place.


    Here's a fun thing to try... just hover your pointer over the close button of any open window then just walk away... right away form your computer... come back a few seconds later and the window will have been closed 'magically' for you by your misbehaving trackpad.


    Very unlike Apple to introduce a fault like this and not fix it quickly

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    OK, here's what fixed it for me Lance...


    If you are running any apps full-screen... don't!


    I was running Parallels and iTunes in full-screen, and as soon as I changed them to windowed mode, the trackpad problem went away.


    Don't know why, but they are definitely related!


    Let me know if this fixes it for you too