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I have been waiting for 4 days to let it finish indexing (or whatever), several times tried to restore the rights in disc utilities. I don't have any antivirus programm (it is not likely that the mac is infected), also I have tried to turn on and off my router. Current OS X version - 10.82.


When I am using MS Office, Safari or anything else, things just start going slowly, which is extremely annoying, as this machine was costly. Everuthing is especially bad when I try to reload it or wake up after sleeping mode.

I have installed Windows 7 (x64) via Bootcamp. I had to change the file system for Bootcamp's volume to NTFS (overall 100 GB for Windows 7). I think that Mac should have finished indexing or recognising that a part of HDD has another OS, as it was done on Tuesday. Windows runs correctly. This could be the cause?



Should I return it to the shop? Please help me to solve the problem

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)