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    I have the same problem but it started before the latested upgrade. It will pull data when I'm asleep. Huge amounts that are the size of a video or movie. I have even turned my cellular usage off and it will still do it. AT&T can't figure it out. The past 2 months it's done the same thing. They take off the charge but I don't want to keep calling each month. They said I had to wait 1 more month and then they will open an inquiry. They think it's an Apple issue and not AT&T. I think so too.

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    I just got an alert for my usage from Verizon about my penalty charge? ***. I didnt do anything more maybe even less all but installed iOS 6. Apple is starting to bum me out. iCloud outages and horrible reliability with my mac email, this... I wish Jobs was still around

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    Same issue here.  iPhone 4S, upgraded to iOS 6 on Sept 23rd.  I went through 5.5 GB of cellular data since.   I have owned an iPhone for 4.5 years.  I have never went over 500 MB in a month.  My carrier (Rogers in Canada) has acknowledged that they are tracking the issue since they are receiving a number of calls about the same thing.  They have not said they will offer credits yet however.  They also said the extreme data usage since Sept 23rd happened in three distinct single sessions, using up to 3 GB in a three to four hour period.  I have no idea what is that data intensive on an iPhone since I have never downloaded an HD video on it.  My only reasonable explanation is the iCloud backup was using cellular data instead of WIFI.  It's now disabled, Siri is disabled, Location Services disabled.  Scared to open the pathetic Podcasts app. The phone is crippled, barely scraping by as a "smart" phone.  Complaints have been submitted to Rogers and Apple.


    It is really frustrating to get the standard "how to reduce your usage" explanations.  I've already been burned by iCloud big time when my Apple TV used Photo Stream for its screensaver.  Used 22 GB of my broadband overnight!  Once I realized Photo Stream used more data than HD video, I disabled iCloud everywhere except for my iPhone backup.

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    Same Issue here - I am on the 200 MB plan and am connected to wifi 95% of the time, so I have rarely gone over my limit.  The other night, my phone used 600 MB of data over 3G while I was sleeping!  Called AT&T and they waived the $45 in overages, but also said that it is something I am doing and to turn of 3G if I didn't want to have these issues.  That is not an accaptable answer.


    I was also was in a meeting today and all the other iPhone users in the room that had upgraded to iOS are dealing with the exact same issue! 


    Sounds like a major bug in iOS 6. 

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    but Apple says there is nothing wrong! Going to the Apple Store tomorrow. They HAVE to fix this. It's out of control and there are too many with the same problem. They can't keep saying there is nothing wrong.

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    I have this exact same problem. I used my entire months data in a week, then most of the next months data in a few days after that. I'm on Optus.


    We have wifi at home and at my work, so the only time I should be accessing the cellular network is the 15 minute drive to and from work.


    I also found that my iPhone 5 would be warm often and the battery would run out by 2pm. Now I've turned cellular data off it's lasting the whole day and as you'll see in the graph below I'm back to normal usage. Now I just can't use Siri on the way home.




    Not happy.

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    With a week left in my billing cycle, I have used 600MB of data more than I have in any single month since I bought my first iPhone in 2008.


    I actually turned cellular data off last night to make sure that I don't go over 2GB this month.

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    Went to the Apple store this evening. He was pretty sure it's iCloud causing the problem. He restored it to factory settings. I was supposed to come back home and start my phone like it was new and then log into my account and sync all my data. That didn't really work. Lost all my info. I can get my calendar back on the cloud but all my pictures are gone. I will not load from iCloud. I won't even use iCloud for a couple months until I know this problem is resolved.

    Hope this helps someone else.

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    So, I turned off cellular data entirely for a while, and my cellular data for 3 or 4 days was a total of 8 megs up and down.

    Use Cellular Data for:

    iCloud Documents - ON

    iTunes - OFF

    Passbook Updates - OFF

    Reading List - OFF


    Podcast App


    Use Cellular Data - OFF


    This morning at 8:30am, my phone downloaded 300MB of data (both show up on AT&T's records, and in the cellular data log on the phone), even though I was home at the time.  And, on top of that, the cellular service in my area is so bad that the only way to use an AT&T phone in my house is through a 3G MicroCell, which is obviously connected to the same network connection as my wireless access point.


    So, wifi internet access is not an issue.

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    I am with Fido and am having the same issue so it is not just Verizon. My data consumption per month over doubled since I upgraded my iphone 4 to IOS 6. Fido told me that it is an issue with Apple. I talked to Apple and they were barely aware of the issue. They had me back up my phone and restore or factory settings. I lost some of my apps in the process and it did not solve the problem. Data usage is still through the roof.  I don't even use iCloud - so that is not the problem. I am almost always on Wifi, so I think IOS 6 is using data when it should be connected to wifi! Not impressed apple!

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    Yup me too! IOS 6 is definitely using data when it should be on wifi!

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    I am having this problem on my ATT iphone 4s with IOS 6. I have figured out that the phone will NOT use wifi if both wifi and cell data are on.  I will have say 1 bar of cell signal here at work but full wifi and all my apps state they cannot connect. I turn on airplane mode then turn on wifi and BAM everything works.


    So the problem is that for some reason ios 6 prefers cell data over wifi when both radios are on.

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    I read somewhere that iPhone will switch back and forth between the best signal when connected to wi-fi. So if the wi-fi connections slows, it will jump to the cell network when downloading.