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What seems to me random, because I could view my video files yesterday, is a problem I cannot solve where my video viewer truns irreversably black. All my video clips are black. But I was going through all my raw footage yesterday and was marking then for the next phase, editing in the time line. I got pretty far along this short project, trying everything I could.

-I reconnected my media

-I copied the original media to a new folder, reconnecting again from here.

-I tried making a proxy

-I tried having the program optimize the media

And I cannot find for is wrong. Finally I resorted to extreme measures; I rebooted my entire Macbook pro to a September Time-machine back, erasing many hours of labor on my piece. When I did this my film was at the very beginning stages of edit but I could now see the footage. Two day later, my footage is all black again.


What can I do?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.1), Final Cut Pro X
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    What kind of footage?

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    Did you by any chance apply  some changes to the color profile of your monitor?

    If so, revert to the original colorsync profile. FCP X is very picky about color profiles (I have no idea why).


    Also, before doing such a drastic thing, did you try trashing the Preferences? Running FCP X from a different user account? Most likely there is some messed up setting that is causing this trouble, most likely a corrupt preference file, or layout. You could also trah the "Layouts" folder (it will be recreated when you start FCP X again). In the Finder hold down the option (a.k.a. "alt") key, and in the "Go" menu select "Library". In the Library folder navigate to Application Support/Final Cut Pro. Trash the "Layouts" folder.