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Just update iPhone & iPad to IOS 6.


My website www.expresswebstudio.com has 3 seperate animations on the page but only 1 shows up at a time.

My wife's iPad has not been updated and works fine. I'm 100% sure the problem is that IOS6 is "AGGRESSIVE CACHING"


I understand what is happening, but I would like to know if this is a bug or a new standard for IOS Safari?


iPhone 4, iOS 6, iPad 2 also.
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    Hi mike, i just updated to iOS 6 last week, also came across serious Safari bug. Website that has CSS backgrounds are drop out ramdomly. The old iOS 5.1.1 display everything perfect and same across all desktop browsers. I agree that this is caching problem and believe it is a bug. Because event iphone is display correctly.