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Im pretty new to Apple script


I am using the

scutil --get LocalHostName

scutil --get HostName


to Check that the Local host name and host name of a machine are the same if they arent i want to set the localhost name to the host.


Heres what i have so far

tell application "Terminal"


          set localHostName to ""

          set hostName to ""


          set currentTab to do script "scutil --get LocalHostName"

  currentTab = localHostName                                                       //pretty sure these lines are capturing anything from terminal


     do script "scutil --get HostName" in currentTab

  currentTab = hostName


          if hostName is not equal to localHostName then

                    set currentTab to do script "scutil --set HostName/ " & localHostName & " /"

          end if




end tell



any help would be most apprieciated

OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)