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Not only is it disgusting that we now have to purchase the Lightning to 30-pin Adapter to get the phone to work with all of our other systems, Bose sound system, car connection etc  But Apple dont release anywhere near enough of them to cope with the demand.  Also they have put some sort of chip in it to restrict any other manufacturer from making an equivalent.


Come on Apple your products are good but not that good and potentially you will not be the richest company in the world for much longer.

iPhone 5, iOS 6
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    The Adapter will not fit thru a standard case and connect to the iPhone 5. The pin is too short. Apple.com tech solution "take the iPhone out of the case everytime you want to use the adapter". Designing in a secretive bubble causes these types of design flaws. Apple didn't properly test the Adapter in real world uses before manufacturing them. Now I have a $34.00 piece of junk to returrn.

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    I Agree 100%. I have been an apple user for many years. Everythig at work / home is apple sofware and hardware. I develop for iOS and have purchased every iPhone up-to-date. I have never had an issue with apple until now, and have always stood loyal to them even when people around me doubted... but now? Not so much. I am starting to lose faith in this company with the mistakes they are making. Remember the blackberry? This is how it all started. ******* people off one bit at a time. Why did we not recieve the Lightning adapter with our iPhone 5's? Because Apple was too eger to get the phone out the door for their 4th quarter. Why do we have to pay for it? Because Apple decided to put way to much thought into something so darn simple. Why is there no availablity? Because Apple simply does not care if I can use my iPhone in my car or with my home stereo system... They already made their 900 bucks off me. Why are they the richest company in the world? Because Steve Jobs was running their company... Do you think he would have allowed this to happen? I doubt it. He knew how to take care of his customers. I will continue to use Apple products until something better comes along, and so will everyone else, but when that "something better" comes along, Apple will no longer be the wealthiest company in the world and will be thinking "What happened?" just like RIM is.

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    Yeah, Unless you don't mind taking your case off, this adapter is useless.


    I had to take my case off to tap into my Bose system, so at least I guess I will continue doing the same for that.  But for simple charging, best to just buy new cables.

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    The case issue is one of the 3rd party companies who design them, not Apple. Every other issue with the Lightning cable is Apple's issue and should be fixed.

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    I wish the male part of my adapter was longer.  God, why do I always find myself saying that. 

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    I have been very happy with Apple for the most part but I have a blood presure cuff, exercise Eliptical & treadmill, alarm clock, etc that I put my faith in Apple to live up to their previous track record.  I surprised at this poorly designed product which is now impacting their reputation.  I have to believe a few of the employees must be using a iPhone 5 and I would think they would be expressing their discontint.  Too bad for Apple.  I can't recommend this phone to friends with this issue.  A little, stupid adapter is getting so much bad publicity and their not seeing the damage it is causing.....