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I'm creating a brochure using the brochure template, but when I print, the edge gets cut off.  I've set the margins to 0" but that doesn't help.  When I go to layout inspector, it shows the 'printable area' and that shows why it is cutting it off...how do I expand that area to include the entire document?

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    You probably have an HP printer. Many, if not most, models will not print the last half inch of the trailing edge coming out of the printer. A workaround is to use the borderless setting if your printer has one.



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    You can check if there is an area where the printer can't print by choosing Show Layout in the view menu. It will show as a grey border.


    To print a brochure you need to have an option the print borderless. Open Pages Setup in the File menu or in the Document inspector. Click on the Paper Size button and see if there isn't a borderless option for your chosen paper size.


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    "The" brochure template? There are 11 different brochure templates, all of which have names.


    Some have artwork which goes over the edge or too close to the edge for most printers. Just adjust it to your printer or get one that prints edge to edge.