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I'm fairly new to the forum and I'm finding it challenging to figure out how to use all the features in a straight forward manner.


For instance,  I've noticed on my recent reply to one of my post questions that the status automatically showed up as "this solved my question".  I did not select this status and I did not see any place to select the status of my reply.  I went back to edit the reply status immediately and still saw no way to change it.


The fact is, that my reply was not in relation to solving my question at all.  I replied to someone who offered a solution and I was replying as to the results of that solution, which did not solve my issues, it just created different issues.  So now my post shows as solved when my question hasn't been answered and the issue is not solved.


The probabability that my question above has been asked ad infinitum is better than good, I suspect.  But when I search the quesiton in the search communities box I don't get a clear answer.  Please do excuse me then, if I am repeating an over asked question.  I'm not even sure I'm searching the forum correctly or if there are other options to search in addtion the search box in the upper right hand corner....


Honestly, I've been on a lot of forums and am an active member of several, I'm a fairly advanced mac user, having been a mac guy for decades, and this forum doesn't appear to be very clear or easy to figure out how to use to me.  It feels as if they're almost trying to discourage you from figuring some things out...weird.  I've been searching for a clear answer for this for an hour now--trying different queries and different parts of the forum.


Any help with how to select and change post and reply staus would be much appreciated.

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