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I am finding that iCloud does not pick up changes/aditions I make from my mac

How can I ensure that it does ?


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    pvonk Level 6 Level 6 (13,685 points)

    More info needed.


    Are you trying to sync to other devices and the data is not getting there, is that how you know icloud doesn't "pick up" the changes?  I assume the in System Preferences>icloud, you are logged into an icloud account and that the services you want synced (like contacts) are turned on.


    To be sure data is not on icloud, use your browser and log into icloud.com.  Look at the various pages to be sure the data is not there.

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    Thank you pvonk for an instant reply

    I only have my mac and iCloud

    I had already done what you sugested - which is how I know that iCloud is, as I put it, not picking up changes/additions

    and yes - the services are turned on

    I remain puzzled