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Hi Guys,


I know this will sound very silly but it's just been a week since I got my white 4s , lucky enough to get the apple bumper (you don't get them easily in india) .


Saw a few posts with a few people complaining that the same scratches the sides  ; a few stating that the bumper was a blessing and causes no scuffs whatsoever.


So my first question was should I or should I not use the bumper (nonetheless I paid an outrageous amount for the same). Second being that I do have a screen protector on both sides but i was concerned about the camera lens ; whether or not it may get scratched if the phone isn't kept in a pouch since I keep in my pocket.




iPhone 4S, iOS 6
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    I work with a lot of broken iPhones/iPads/iPod touches as a technician, and I honestly havent see any scratched camera lenses as an issue. You'll be fine

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    @ spacemarine288 - Hey, that really helps ...!!  I was just concerned keeping my phone in my pocket without a pouch coz all my other phones ended up having scratched lens ...


    BTW , what about the bumper case ..?? Does that do any harm ..??





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    I had my iPhone 4 in a case since the day I got it. After about a year and a half the case broke, so I got an Apple bumper. Phone looked brand new when I took it out of the case. After a few months in the bumper the sleep button and volume buttons were all marred up and the inside of the bumper was blackish in color. No doubt that the bumper caused the damage. It is not horrible, but it is not new looking anymore in those areas.