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How can I check the spped of my Airport connection? And what is a normal speed to expect? I currently have Verizon DSL 3Mps service. Recent checks have shown I am downloading at anywhere from 2.3-2.7 and uploading at about 0.2 to 0.4. My wireless connection is quite slow – in fact, much slower than it was six months ago. It has taken as long as 45 minutes to download an iPad app, streaming is often impossible, and pages loading frequently stall out and have to be re-loading all over again. Verizon claims the problem is my equipment. At first, they said my computer was running slow. But, after I pointed out to them that this problem occurs on six different devices, they changed their tune to say it was a problem with my Airport Extreme. I use my network for a five year old MacBook Pro, five year old MacBook, iPhone 4, iPhone 1, iPad 1 and iPad 2. The speed does not change with the number of evices on, whether 1 or 6. Also, my sister-in-law has had the same problem occur with both her personal PC and her work PC. I need to check to see if the problem is indeed, with my Airport. I have both an extreme and an Express to extend the range. So, to get back to my original questions: How do I check the speed of the connections of my Airport Extreme and Expres? And what sort of number should it be putting out? If the problem is my Airport, I need it either fixed or replaced. If the problem is not my Airport, I need to know that information so that I can get back to Verizon. Thanks.


Both computers are running OSX 10.7.5. The iPhone 4 and iPad 2 are iOS6. The original iPad is on iOS5. The original iPhone is whatever latest OS it will run.

MacBook 13", Mac OS X (10.5.6)
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    Locate your MacBook in the room with the AirPort Extreme


    Hold down the option key on your Mac while you click on the fan shaped AirPort icon


    This will display information about the connection


    Look for the Transmit Rate


    That is the speed potential in Mbps of the wireless connection for the Mac at that location. Your connection speed potential between the Mac and AirPort Exteme will likely be much higher than your Fios Internet connection can ever provide. 


    If your Fios router were capable of delivering higher speeds, the AirPort would handle whatever the Transmit Rate might be.


    What number do you see?


    Try other locations on the MacBook to learn how distance and obstructions affect the potential speed capabilities on the network.

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    Thanks, Bob. That gives me the info I need.

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    The "test" that I provided to you will generally not reveal problems associated with wireless interference from cordless phones, other networks and any of a number of other things that can slow down the wireless signal.


    So, things may not be as simple as you might think.