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I just loaded VLC (32/64 bits Intel Mac ,2.0.1) on my 13.3" Core i7 Air with 256GB SSD and it does not play my 1080p60 video smooth like on my PC using VLC on Windows 8 Consumer Preview. Is there another free player for AVCHD MTS2 1080p60 video that might work better in Lion ?


I also tried MPlayerX and the 1080p60 video looks smooth but audio is out of sync. I hope Mountain Lion comes with Quicktime that supports AVCHD MTS2 1080p60 video files from my two year old Panasonic TM700 camcorder.

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7.2), Core i7 , 256GB
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    Take a look at Movist but I don't know if it will be any better than what you already tried.

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    I think I will just use my 6-core PC with Gigabyte OC 6950 video card to view native 1080p60 MTS2 video files for now. I tried Clipwrap and it's even more choppy than VLC. My i7 Air plays all other 1080p video files without problems like h.264 1080p30 from my Pentax K-01. The reviews I seen of Movist don't look any better. It's amazing in 2012 Apple still doesn't support video from popular two year old consumer camcorders.

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    I've just learned this sad situation as well.  I was reasonably happy rewrapping my old camera's 720p AVCHD-"lite" (frame doubled 720p30) with Handbrake, importing to iMovie, outputing 720p30 videos, for my TivoHD and Toast 10ing to Blu-Ray.  VLC 1.x was good, life was complicated but smooth.


    Enter a Panasonic Lumix FZ200 with !! 1080p60 !! - maximum resolution with smoother motion.  What's not to be excited about.  Well, my 2.66GHz core i5 27" iMac with 8GB RAM and a fancy ATI Radeon 4850-512MB graphics card with 1TB disk running either Snow Lep or a clean Lion, with VLC 2, Movist, Toast 10 Player, or QuickTime (on rewrapped to m4v) cannot keep up with the 4.5 times more pixels;  Thats what's not to be excited about.


    I did find that Adobe Premiere Elements 11 will directly import and natively edit this "nobody accepts it" format.  Not only that, it will output clean 720p60, 30Mbps 1080i files that play nice on my TivoHD or USB sneaker-net to my HDTV,  ***AND*** it writes Blu-ray disks (and Blu-Ray on regular DVD), with menus and chapters without exporting to Toast.


    My iMovie workflow with 1080p60 results in stuttering files on the TV for some reason, even with transcoding the source clips to ProRes422LT, so it is more complicated and not acceptable.


    It is a little hard to believe that my $2000 Apple is tasting so sour at the moment.