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I'm having two problemw with Aperture set up for the purposes of ordering pictures.


First, when I sign in with my Apple ID, it asks me to create an ID. I am using the same ID and password that I have on my computer, Apple TV, iPad and iPhone. Why doesn't it recognize it for this purpose?


Second, when I "create" a new ID with my existing ID (I've done this several times now just to move on), it will not accept my address--it states the city, state and zip are incorrect. Of course, they are all correct. I even went to the US Post office iste to find the "correct" formatting--still it won't accept it.


I am pretty annoyed at the moment--any assistance will be appreciated (but keep in mind that I do know what my Apple ID is and I do know what my address is---my entry of the details os not the problem).



MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7)