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Last week I bought an iPhone 4S. This is my first iPhone, and I am having trouble with its battery holding a charge. After about 8 hours on standby, connected to 3g (with about 3 bars), the phone is at 15% battery life, and I'm only using it probably 15 minutes accumulated. If I turn it on Airplane mode, or have it connected to WiFi, it seems like it will last forever. But for some reason, the battery kills itself when it's connected to 3G. I have disabled most notifications, deleted my iCloud account, and yesterday I calibrated the battery. After all this, I will lay it on my desk, and check it five minutes later and be disheartened by the fact that it has already dropped 1%. I also disable WiFi if I don't plan to be using it, and I disable Location Services. Please help me!

iPhone 4S, iOS 6