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I have an iPhone 5 with iOS 6 and it keeps reverting back to the default ringtones on a random basis instead of playing the custom ringtones that I have set up as my usual ringtone (or assigned to specific contacts).


I have iTunes set up to sync all tones so I can't figure out why this is happening. I Googled the issue and found a lot of complaints from back in 2008 when people were having trouble with MobileMe, but nothing for more recent iOS updates or the iPhone 5


Any help would be much appreciated!

Dell Inspiron 1420, Windows Vista
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    I have the same problem. I set up a basic ringtone as default which works but then when I tried to add specific ringtones to specific contacts the default ringtone would ring..

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    I found this on a different but related discussion.


    Just talked with tech support. If you kill ALL running apps (by double-clicking on the home button), including the phone app. Then do a soft reset by "powering off" / "powering on" your phone. This should change the default ringtone. IT WORKED


    Side note: I had already selected the ringtone that I wanted to use as default before doing the reset. Not sure if that will make a difference.


    Good Luck!

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    Thanks for the tip - I've tried this now and will check to see if it worked. Will update soon

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    connect to itunes , mark ur device , go to info , go to ringtones , mark the tones u want to sync then sync , that is it

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    That doesn't work. The specific tones will stay synced for a few days, and then the phone will revert to the default "Marimba" or whatever on a random basis, even though the Contacts will show which tones are supposed to play for specific people, and Settings will show which tone I want for all other phonecalls.

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    I've tried EVERYTHING. Nothing works. Ringtone wont sync with either my IPhone 5, nor IPad 3rd gen. I'm about ready to bring them all into an Apple store along with my PC and have them try to do it. Seriously, I've tried everything from a number of forums and I'm not a complete computer-tard. Create AAP file on desktop, create m4r file, drag and drop, make sure name and artist have names in the info section, re-booted everything, used ICloud, deleted ringtone and started from scratch, created tone file, and more...   you name it, I think I've done it (including purchasing the freaking ringtone again and supposedly downloading it directly to my phone). Very frustrated considering it seems like it should be so simple. Grrrrr.