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Is anybody else experiencing slow wifi speeds or no ability to connect to their wifi unless they right next to it? Well I'm having that exact problem. I'm on my second 32gb black iPhone 5 and nothing has helped. My phone has a front and back screen protector on it and it has a two part case as well. The sleeve is rubber while the shell is hard plastic. For the fun of it I took the phone out of the case and low and behold the phone was able to find my wifi signal at the other end of my house. I put my phone back into the rubber sleeve only and lost 2 bars. I removed it and had all three bars showing. I then put the rubber sleeve back on and lost two bars again. I put the plastic hard case on as well and lost my wifi connection altogether. It couldn't even find the signal. I removed both the case and the sleeve and wifi was back. As for the speed the speed was also fine when the rubber sleeve and plastic shell case was removed. I put the rubber sleeve on and only had one bar of service and did a speed test. Speeds where around .56 Mbps. I removed the rubber sleeve and all three bars where back and now my speed was at 2-3 Mbps, which is good for this router and the speed my ISP gives me at this location. So my worst fear for this phone has come true, its a hardware issue and I don't see how apple can fix it this time. I keep all my phones in cases and have never experienced this issue until the iPhone 5. Going back to apple and returning this phone and hoping it is just a defective phone and not another iPhone 4 issue with the antenna being placed in a bad spot. If anybody has any ideas let me know.

iPhone 5, iOS 6, Black 32 gb
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    Nothing in your posting indicates a hardware issue.  Instead it clearly shows that the case is interferring.


    The solution, use a different case.

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    It appears your a fanboy here an can't accept the fact there is a issue with the phone. Just to prove my point I placed my iPhone 4 into the case, yes it may not be a perfect fit but it still would show signs of a weaken signal. Well once I played it into the rubber sleeve and plastic case the phone still showed 3 bars of wifi signal at the same location I did this with my 5. Just placing my hand behind my phone 5 with no case or sleeve on causes the wifi signal to drop. Placing it on my table with the screen up causes the same signal loss. So diesel what am I suppose to do? Never place my phone down or have it in any type of case that covers the back of the phone. This is a hardware issues no doubt and whether its from being a actual bad part or bad placement on apples part on where they have it on the phone, nonetheless it is still a hardware issue. Rather than make excuses for there problems with the phone try to help find solution.

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    No fan boy here... just intelligent and capable of drawing conclusions based on the information provided.


    Based on your first posting (either deliberately missing information or creative additonal problems in subsequent posting) there is no hardware issue, but rather an issue with the case.


    Something further proved by putting an iPhone 4 in this same case and experiencing a very similar issue.


    Now you've added the additional issues of having Wi-Fi connectivity problems when the device is in a certain orientation.


    Do you simply make up problems to prove your point? Or did you simply fail to mention them in the inital posting?

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    Really don't care what you think fanboy. I know the problems with my phone and the fact remains its hardware that is failing. Why don't you do your research first before you decide to comment on something you don't have a clue about. Go on you tube and look at other demonstrate the same problems I'm having with my phone. Plus apple replaced the phone because it was having trouble connecting to there wifi in store and when it did the speeds where extremely slow. So in short like I said, if you can't bring something to the table other than being a true fan boy don't comment on my post or anybody else's for that matter. Apple has a problem with its wifi hardware in this phone and whether it can be solved by a software patch will remain to be seen. Good luck fanboy!