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Scuffs/Scratches On New iPhone 5 Right Out Of The Box

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  • antonove Calculating status...

    These are just some pictures of the marks on my phone. I don't mind the small black mark on the antenna and the stain on the aluminum too much, but the chip in the corner is really bugging me. This is the replacement phone from the first time I was at the apple store.


  • antonove Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I don't think I've had major issues but I dropped off my wifi 2 times since I've had the phones for around 3 weeks now. The first time was when I was watching a youtube video. When I started the video I was on wifi but halfway through I noticed I had dropped down to LTE. The second time I had the phone just sitting and when I turned it on, the wifi wouldnt connect. In both cases, I went into the wifi settings and click on my network again, it then joined without a hitch and lately I haven't experienced any issues.

  • TechFrenzy Level 1 Level 1 (15 points)

    I just called the Apple store near me and they said I must return the scuffed iphone 5 to where I purchased it (at t online). Is this true?  If so, It's too late for me because At t now has a 14 day policy

  • jonchild Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    Call AppleCare and they will sort this out for you.


    Tell them what the store said...

  • mritacca Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    Send that iPhone back!


    Can you imagine if Apple didn't brag about how amazing this iPhone was?   I don't think we would be as tough on them!  The only way Apple will improve production is if people keep sending units back until they are perfect - as promised!


    Do not settle for anything less!   I can't believe Apple had the balls to stamp the logo on it and Foxxconn sending them out like that!  Total shame on Apple's part!


    Where is Steve Jobs when you need him?  Tim Cook is awful!   He didn't even get the team to release an iOS update to 6.0 in 30 days!   Shame. iCook.

  • jonchild Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    To be honest anyone who took over from Jobs had big shoes to fill.


    I am sure he is not just taking any of this lying down. I am sure he will do something to uphold his name as well as that of apple!


    None of this will have been done on purpose and as long as we are courteous with apple then I am confident it will all come good.

  • ANovelHero Calculating status...

    Basically you need to bring it back to them and explain the issue i'm sure they'll understand your problem and replace it. But on a second note at least you have one. I still can't seem to find anywheres that has them in stock.

  • mritacca Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    It's been over 3 weeks now... Apple has slowed down production and in some cases halted it.  They lied and put signs up in the store to cover up the mess by saying 'Due to popular demand, the iPhone 5 is out of stock!" Yet they went on to saying that this was their MOST AGGRESSIVE launch EVER!  And they haven't had stock in the last 10 days?  How can you say that and not back it up with stock?  They only had a year to plan!  I smell BS. I smell Apple covering up their tracks!  Don't be fooled!   The iPhone 5 release was a mess and it goes down in the books as the WORST launch ever!  Apple clearly needs a leader who can lead.  Tim Cook can't lead.  He is weak in comparison.  Apple isn't ahead of the competition like they use to be.  Apple will be in trouble in 5 years time.  Guaranteed.

  • jonchild Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    I think production has been stopped and so it should be if there are sub standard goods being produced otherwise this system will perpetually continue.


    Maybe a re tooling or change of manufacturing process is required.


    There also may be an element of sabotage here also. What with the grievances between apple and the Far East it would not be surprising...


    Tim Cook has been over looking things for some time. I it had been a roaring success he would have been hailed as the true successor but sadly this has not been the case at all.

  • kyleinhawaii Calculating status...

    Availability highly varies based in location. In Hawaii, all stores sold out as usual, but I was able to get a new replacement yesterday. They had a few new retail box phones in the morning so I booked night before to reserve one. They said they ran out in first 30 min and that there is always a line before the store opens. Last Sunday that said try got a shipment of over 100 phones but that was unusual. The guy I spoke to said try average anywhere from 6-20 per day but that's just his guess.


    So IMHO, don't think there is a coverup or anything like that. Just huge demand which they can't keep up with.


    I asked the rep if he saw anyone else return the phone for scratches and he said he didn't, but said the Genius Bar would be the ones to ask. While I was there yesterday, I started discussions with another customer an asked him if he had a scratch on his phone. He had a white one with a small blemish on the side but didn't think it was an issue. I think most people are ok with the little nicks. The black phone just makes them look old and bad.  I also learned that I'm a lot more picky about these things and perhaps getting carried away. It's easy to so when you start looking for the blemishes under a microscope.


    I have an Hermes watch that my wife gave me as a wedding gift years ago.  It's a fine and precision crafted device. It scratched easily too even a soft unintentional bump on the table. Just food for thought. Should mobile phones be made to this comparison or should they by rugged for real life use? This was Apple's choice, right or wrong. It was my choice to buy or not. I think I forgot about that for a bit.


    But no doubt some of defects are extreme so send them back if it bothers you and feel free to refund if need be.


    I finally got my perfect phone and wishing all you guys the same soon!

  • jonchild Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    Food for thought....


    So the missing line from the advertising when the likened it to a watch is


    ....they easily mark too, lol


    Well done on your phone



  • mritacca Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)



    On September 12th, Apple hosts an event for iPhone 5.  They state an AGGRESSIVE launch campaign.   They release the iPhone 5 on September 21st.  The internet is flooded with reports of scratches, nicks, dents and scuffs on almost all iPhones produced.  Over 80% had a blemish of some sort.   I alone went through several new boxes on launch weekend... drying up supply.  So did others in the store.   Apple sells out on the first batch of iPhone 5s.   They release a new batch as part of the second launch on September 28th in 22 countries!  Apple just released iPhone 5 in 9 countries a week prior.   Reports continue to flood in that the iPhone 5s are damaged out of box from China.  Apple slows down production and now signs are placed all over the Apple stores and carrier stores saying that the demand exceeds supply.


    Apple knew of how popular the iPhone 5 would be.  Do you think they would release it in 31 countries if the supply isn't there?  How many people would be upset and go to the competition?  A lot.   Also, do you think Apple would come out and state they have a manufacturing issue that they are trying to fix?  How many people would start demanding a new iPhone because the ones they have are damaged?  A lot more I am sure!


    They won't have a sign saying "Due to manufacturing issues, we are unable to produce an IPhone 5 as promised. Please check back in the near future!"  Who would trust buying it?  Their reputation would be more severly damaged and people would be inspecting the iPhone even more so in the future!  Why has Apple been quiet about this issue but not the purple haze?  The crap Maps app?  Why???  Exactly.


    It's all about keeping the reputation in line and trying to create a hype around a device that is clearly having manufacturing issues!  


    Don't be fooled and think that Apple is doing everything right.  They aren't.  They are covering up the truth and that is what ***** about this all.

  • mritacca Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    "I have an Hermes watch that my wife gave me as a wedding gift years ago.  It's a fine and precision crafted device. It scratched easily too even a soft unintentional bump on the table. Just food for thought. Should mobile phones be made to this comparison or should they by rugged for real life use? This was Apple's choice, right or wrong. It was my choice to buy or not. I think I forgot about that for a bit."



    The difference is that Apple bragged about how amazing the iPhone 5 was.  Fit and finish like no other smartphone has ever seen.  The BEST of the BEST.  The BEST iPhone ever!


    They compared it to a finely hand crafted watch...  yet it comes out of box damaged - scratched, nicked, dented and scuffed!  They forget to mention this in the clever marketing campaign!   This is not what I was sold on.  I am expecting Apple to deliver a PERFECT device and will keep sending devices back until I find it or until they remove the over hyped marketing on the website!!!

  • Edmundlee8888 Calculating status...

    Hello, Guys I have been through about 7 Iphones 5 Black 64gb @ liverpool one store.


    1. Iphone 5 64gb black came with DEAD PIXELS.

    2. Iphone 5 64gb black came with SCUFFS AROUND antenna points.

    3. Iphone 5 64gb black came with DEAD PIXELS. (NO SCUFFS.)

    4. Iphone 5 64gb black came with SCUFFS. (OPENED INSTORE.)

    5.Iphone 5 64gb black came with SCUFFS. (OPENED INSTORE.)

    6.Iphone 5 64gb black came with SCUFFS. (OPENED INSTORE.)

    7.Iphone 5 64gb black came with SCRATCH ON THE SCREEN. (OPENED INSTORE.).

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