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They show up in my "purchased" list but I can't play them. When I try to play them I get a message that they aren't authorized and then I get into an authorization loop where I authorize, and the message says this computer is already authorized, but when I try to play, the messages start over again saying I am not authorized. There are about 100 songs that are part of this problem.They are purchases that were bought back in 2007 and 2008. Any body know how to get them to play or get them in my "purchase history" which means that I could delete them and re-download which might help the authorization issues. Help!

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.4)
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    Get Info on one or more tracks and confirm the iTunes Store account under which they were purchased. It seems possible if not likely that they were actually purchased under a different account, in which case you need to authorize the computer to that account as well.



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    thx. I have done that and most of them were purchased under the account that I am using now and I still have this problem. I have seen that some of them were purchased under an older account and unfourtunately when I try to retrieve the password for that the message tells me the ID doesn't match my information so I have no idea what to do about that!

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    You can reset the password for the older account here:




    As to redownloading the items purchased under the newer account, see:




    You will need to delete the listing for the problem track(s) in your iTunes library before you'll get the option to redownload to activate. Confirm that the item shows in the Purchased section of the Store before you delete the track.


    Hope this helps. Regards.

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    I have gone to apple to reset my password for the old account but when I put in my birthdate it tells me that the info doesn't match. I know that this is the right id because it is the id that is listed as the account some of the songs that won't play were bought under, and I remember using this email years ago.


    As to the second part. I did try what you said with one song to see if it would work. I made sure the song was in the Purchased section, then deleted it from my library and when I went back to the Purchased section it was gone!


    Any more thoughts?


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    For the second issue, make sure you are looking at the Purchased section in the iTunes Store, not the Purchased playlist in the iTunes sidebar. I.E. here:


    Screen Shot 2012-08-14 at 12.12.17 PM.png


    not here:


    Screen Shot 2012-08-14 at 12.12.59 PM.png


    For the first issue, go here:


    iTunes Support


    and follow the instructions to report the issue to the iTunes Store and request assistance.



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    don't know what good this will do, but i just wanted to share my still unresolved problem with people here. pardon the copy and paste. all these are from emails with apple support.


    I've spent several hours on the phone so far over the past couple of days with what seems to be a complex problem. The initial case number over with applecare/account security was xxxxxx, then xxxxxx. I hope you have access to all of those notes. Anyway, it's my wife's account. In a nutshell: account was hacked. I got it back, but the purchase history is wrong. It has 4-5 things she never ordered, and none of the stuff she did. About 7 albums, 9 books, and 4 games. (We've found receipts for 3 albums, 3 books, and the games, if necessary to provide those.) While we have no problem authorizing that account, we can't authorize/play any of those albums/books/games.


    The response to the above email was, contact account security. Now here's my "i'm tired of being nice" email response:



    Thanks for responding. However, at this time, I am going to decline calling account security. Here's why.


    I initially emailed itunes support, who redirected me to account security. After an hour and a half on the phone, we found out that there was another email account associated with my wife. We couldn't think of what that was, so we discussed it the next day, and figured out what it was. The next day I called back and spent another hour and a half on the phone with account security, who realized that I have no problem with account security, said it's an itunes store problem, and had me hold... a lot... while waiting to talk to an itunes store support person about the issue. Eventually I was told that I was being transferred to one, but it turned out to be just another account security person, who said they heard I had a locked account I couldn't get into (WRONG) and they were gonna unlock it. Fine, do that, but it's not locked. Then they told me to go... guess where... express lane, etc, and to put what I did as the subjects.


    So I did that, and now I'm being redirected to account security again. Being redirected is one thing, but going through loops and not getting anywhere is another. Will they just send me back to itunes store service again? I honestly don't have another hour and a half to two hours to spend on the phone and not get anywhere.


    I don't know who has what tools to look up what is going on with our former purchases. I don't care. You're all working for apple, and need to figure this out. There's nothing more I can do but fly out to apple and get on one of your computers and figure out why your system can't find our purchases and re-link them to our account. I have many invoice numbers I could give...that I DID give to the last account security person I talked to, apparently for no reason.


    So here's my theory, based on limited knowledge of how things work. We can authorize the account on our computer, no problem. However, none of the purchases are in her purchase history. Just some crap the hacker got. So, it tries to authorize those games, books and songs, it doesn't find them in her account, which is the one it asks for, so it doesn't authorize those items and just tells us that this computer is already authorized. Did the hacker link those purchases to some unknown account? Is that possible? No one has been able to answer that yet.


    Where did all these itunes store items go? I have order numbers I can give you. Shouldn't your system say what account those orders are linked to? If there's no way to link those items back to the correct account, we should either get our money back, or you should provide us with a way to, gasp, dare I say it, remove the DRM from them. We paid for it, but thanks to a hack and a glitch in your system, we can't access what is rightfully ours.


    Sorry to be so blunt and somewhat rude, but I'm sure you can understand how we feel after spending so much time on what should be a simple fix, and instead we keep getting redirected to someone who can't help and redirects us again.


    Thanks for your help.


    you know where that email got me?



    I have just spoken to a senior advisor, and I would like to inform you that Apple takes the security of your account very seriously. To make sure only you can access your account, you'll need to speak with one of our specially trained Account Security Advisors to restore your account as the iTunes Store is unable to handle such request.


    honestly. what a waste of time. are there any real people working support, listening to what i'm saying? or is this just some email-answering bot? and really, it's not limited to the email. the phone conversation mentioned above, where i was told i was on hold for itunes support and they eventually connected to me to "itunes support," it was with account security! and she says, "i see your account is locked..." i told her no, i'm accessing it right now. her response? "oh you are? well it says here it's disabled! i'm going to unlock it for you!" gee, thanks. now email itunes support!


    guys, i know this is possibly a complex problem. but surely, somewhere, someone, can give me some kind of answer!


    thanks for letting me vent...