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Andrew Collings Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

Hi. I am a longtime Lightroom user but trying to give Aperture a chance. I want to be able to select 4-5 images and view them as large as possible (I'm using "view multiple" under view cycles and then be able to tag or rate only the one image I've selected of this group. I can do this in Lightroom but Aperture sees that all these images are selected and therefore all get the rating/tag. But I've only selected them for the purposes of viewing them larger, not to give them the same metadata.



MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), Model 5,1 8gb Ram
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    léonie Level 9 Level 9 (51,730 points)

    If you enable the "Primary Only" flag, only the primary image in a selection will be rated, flagged, adjusted, see my user Tip here:

    Keywords or ratings are applied only to one of the selected images - why?


    You enable (and toggle) "Primary only" either from the "Edit" menu or by pressing the button with the "1".



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    Kirby Krieger Level 6 Level 6 (11,945 points)

    Hi Andy -- Welcome to our little sunny clearing in the orchard.


    Aperture is subtle and deft, but not at all obvious.


    There are at least two good ways to do what you want:

    • Turn on "Primary Only".  This will apply any changes you make to just the Primary Selection (indicated by the heavier border) and leave the other selected Images unaltered.

    • Use the controls on the Info tab of the Inspector.  These controls are always limited to the Primary Selection (just as the menu commands are usually applied to all selected Images).  If there is a control you want that does not show, select a Metadata View that includes it, or add it to the Metadata View that you want to use.  The same works for Adjustments as well.


    Somewhat more confusing for beginners (and a little different that what you asked for):

    • You can select a number of Images, show only one of the selection in the Viewer, and step through the _selected_ Images.  Set the Main Viewer to "Show One", and use "{apostrophe}" to step through the selected Images.

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    Andrew Collings Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    Hi Kirby and Léonie


    Thank you both for your information! What a great community. Your information completely solved the problem, thanks.

    Now I have a new problem: on both my macbook pro laptop screen and the 23" cinema display (when I use it instead of built in screen), I cannot see the entire Aperture workspace. By that I mean that the right side of the window is truncated and the smaller - bigger slider for the thumbnails is not present. So, I can't get all the thumbnails to fit on screen. I attached an image.Screen Shot 2012-10-15 at 3.46.56 PM.png

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    Kirby Krieger Level 6 Level 6 (11,945 points)

    Andrew -- glad to help, and glad to have helped you.


    It is best to start a new thread with each separate issue.  This helps others who search the forum for answers.


    Your "the window is flowing under the right edge of my screen" is a known bug.  The solution that always works is to delete your user preferences and restart Aperture.  You might be successful (I always am) by some combination of:

    - disconnecting and reconnecting your second monitor

    - changing the screen resolution of the monitor, and then changing it back (via System Prefs➞Displays)

    - booting into Safe Mode.


    Instructions on deleting System Prefs are on the Aperture trouble-shooting page (iirc).

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    Andrew Collings Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    Hi Kirby

    I am back using Aperture--now that I've got a Retina MBP, it's even more appealing.

    I am having more trouble with specifically flagging only one image, the Primary image, among a group of selected images. I can change the rating of only that Primary image. But when I add a flag, it flags all selected. I have Primary Only turned on.

    What am I doing wrong?


    Andy Collings

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    phosgraphis Level 2 Level 2 (295 points)

    Andrew...don't think you are doing anything wrong. I've also observed an inconsistency--maybe a bug--with what you were told above. When it comes to flagging, primary only doesn't apply. If you use the shortcut key / or the menu then all selected images are flagged/unflagged regardless of the primary only setting. The only way you can flag the primary image in a selection is to use the flag icon in the Info panel. Interestingly the tooltip for that icon shows the / shortcut key, which leads me to believe it a bug. If so it's been around a while since the same behavior can be seen in older versions--back to 3.2.1 in my case. Hopefully someone will clarify if these assumptions are incorrect.