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I updated my iPad 2 the very first day iOS 6 was released, and even after that on day 1 I noticed that my WiFi strength had significantly been reduced and wasn't connecting to my router s strongly (showing 2-3 bars) as it had use to prior to upgrading. I've been on iOS 6 since day 1 of the public release and I can 100% say (at least for myself) that from day 1 to today (October 17th) something in this latest iOS version is seriously screwing with steady WiFi connections between my iPad 2 and router. Everything else in my house connects to my router as usual, but not my iPad 2 anymore. I'm actually writing this because for almost an hour this morning my iPad hasn't been able to connect to WiFi, which means no morning reading of The Daily with my morning cup of coffee, which means I'm writing this because I've reached my boiling point with this issue and am wondering if anyone else is having this issue.




I really think it has something to do with getting a large number of iPad owners to purchase 3G data plans through Verizon more often, and since my last incident with Verizon this past May (they charged me for 2 months of 3G usage when I only used and payed for the month of April) I refuse to shell out another dime. This strategy had worked fine for me with iOS 5, but now iOS 6 is making my WiFi experience completely horrible (What Would Steve Jobs Do?!) and more frustrating than anything having to wait with my fingers crossed and sending out prayers to see the WiFi icon light up. I don't know why but I just feel like Apple has weakened WiFi so that customers will just sign up with Verizon data plans, but honestly I shouldn't have to do that when I have a router in my house that has worked perfectly with my iPad 2 right up until the moment I decided to upgrade it to the next iOS. Been a solid hour now without any WiFi on my iPad 2 this morning, funny though that my laptop, Xbox 360, cell phone, along with my mothers laptop and cell phone are all steadily connected.


Are there any resoultions for this? Or any chance that we'll be seeing an update in the near future that will help to fix this issue? I shouldn't be begging my iPad to "just connect already", I never had to before but now I feel like with iOS 6 there is no other choice except to be submissive, to wait, to watch, and to pray hard that the WiFi icon will connect at the time that you actually need/want it to.

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